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  • Brittney West

Salt and the City it Made

Syracuse, New York is Salt City.

"Salt is no longer an economic asset to Syracuse, New York, but evidence of how it built the city is still seen. Lemoyne College is named after Jesuit Father Simon Lemoyne, the first Jesuit Father to record the presence of the Salt Springs. There is still a large Irish population in Syracuse, largely concentrated around Tipperary Hill, which was named for Mount Tipperary in Ireland. In their area, there is an inverted stop light. As the story goes, in the 1920s, Irish children broke the light because the red, 'British' light was at the top and the green, 'Irish' light was at the bottom. They kept breaking it until it was inverted. The annual Syracuse St. Patrick’s Day Parade begins under that stop light."

Salt and the City it Made
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